Patent Registration in India

What are the costs/fees for patent registration in India?

What is the cost of patent registration in India? Firstly, there is no pre-set value or accurate answer to the cost of this question. However, we can help you by providing a generic view on the cost incurred which in turn will help you understand the cost structure. Hence, the costs of patent registration in[…]

Post-Grant Opposition in India

Post Grant Opposition In India: Know The Basics

India became a signatory of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement on 1st January 2005, and subsequently, Section 25 of the Act got amendments to adhere to the terms of the agreement of TRIPS. This amendment provides a system integration of pre and post-grant opposition wherein inventions that are either on the way[…]

Software Patents Under Indian Patent Law

The software is a non-patentable subject matter, as per the Indian Patent Law. There have been instances where things were different or exceptional. Big multinational companies were successful in scoring different patents in software, but not the smaller domestic ones. So what is the position of software patents under Indian Patent Law? Also, read: Patent[…]

Why Your Patent Application Gets Rejected? Know The Reasons!!

The chances of predicting uncertainty in your own patent application is often difficult and hard to believe. In the case of IP industry, the inventor puts all of his/her efforts to create and finalize the patent application. But still, not all become successful in getting a patent registered in their name. Rejections can never be[…]

How to File National Phase Patent Application in India?

How to File National Phase Patent Application in India? – Before going directly to the national phase application, let’s first understand what an “international application” is. The PCT (Patent Corporation Treaty), which is also known as an “international application”, is a treaty signed between more than 149 countries, that allows a patent applicant to file[…]

Is it necessary to hire a patent agent to file a patent in India?

Is it necessary to hire a patent agent to file a patent in India ? What is the work of a patent agent while filing a patent in India – Any qualified patent agent or patent attorney can help you file a patent application in India. We all know that patent specification is a techno-legal document.[…]

How to decide Patent Ownership/ Assignee on Individual OR Business Name?

How to decide Patent Ownership/ Assignee on Individual Name OR Business Name? This is a major question that plays through the mind of any patent applicant as to in whose name the patent filing if done will be beneficial. To give a solution this question, it depends upon the necessity of the applicant and hence[…]

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