Patent Registration in India

What are the costs/fees for patent registration in India?

What is the cost of patent registration in India? Firstly, there is no pre-set value or accurate answer to the cost of this question. However, we can help you by providing a generic view on the cost incurred which in turn will help you understand the cost structure. Hence, the costs of patent registration in[…]


How to Register Patent in India?

Easy 10 Steps to Register Patent in India  Step 1: Collect all the details of the invention covering the entire major and minor details as possible, for example, area of invention, description of the invention, operation and working of the invention, and advantages of the invention. Step 2: Incorporate illustrations, diagrams or portrays of the[…]

Patent registration procedure in India: How to start?

Patent registration procedure in India can be described with the help of following steps: Pen down the invention with maximum details Detailed information regarding the invention must be provided. It should include the details such as: The area in which the invention has been made. A detailed description of the invention mentioning the function. The[…]

Patent Help for Research Students

Patent Help for Research Students

Patent Help for Research Students: A research student should remain aware that the invention which he is thinking of getting patented is not invented and patented from the very first itself. If the scenario is like this then the researcher will just be re-inventing an already patented research which will not be worth the effort[…]

How Can I Get Patent in India for My Idea or Invention?

How Can I Get Patent in India for My Idea or Invention? The most common question that can strike the mind of any individual who is thinking of patenting his invention is to how it can be done. This question can strike in heads of individuals from diversified backgrounds as below: Business Owner – Can[…]

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