Top 6 Challenges & Issues In Intellectual Property Rights (India)

India joined WTO (World Trade Organization) and became a signatory of the TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual rights) agreements in the year of 1995. With this, all the signatories were supposed to align their IP rules in conformation with the TRIPS agreement. However, developing countries like India were granted a window period of 10 years[…]

Patent Revocation In India

Patent Revocation In India: All You Need To Know!

Do you think that your patent even after its grant, will remain safe from any third party until its expiry? Well, to clear up a pile of misconceptions from your sight, you need to know that patents are not safe before or even after its grant. Patent grant does not mean put your patent in a[…]

How Important is a Patent Agent in India?

How Important is a Patent Agent in India? Despite the fact that the terms of patent agent and patent lawyer (attorney) are regularly utilized conversely, there is a great deal of distinction between the two terms. They are distinctive as far as their qualifications and the capacities they can perform. Today we have dealt with[…]

What All Criteria My Invention Must Have to Be Patented in India?

What All Criteria My Invention Must Have to Be Patented in India? This article deals with the basic questions of patentability criteria, which an Invention must have, in order to win a patent in India. The article will address the questions of whether you have the invention worth patent protection in India or not have[…]

Patent Prosecution Process

Foreign Filing Licenses (FFL)

Why FFL? Whenever an applicant, i.e., a company or an individual (particularly Indian Resident) decides to file a patent application directly in a foreign country as an international application, he may need to have foreign filing licenses (FFL) from the Indian patent office (IPO).  [As per section 39 of the Indian Patent Act, 1970].  What[…]

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