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Your Patent Team (YPT) is a highly-skilled group of IP professionals who support inventors in all matters related to Intellectual Property Rights. We at YPT are technology/industry experts with a deep understanding of global Intellectual Property laws. Our work has been with a diverse clientele – right from start-ups, small & medium enterprises – to global multinational companies and large corporates in India. Our expertise lies in helping clients manage, protect, and enforce their diverse portfolio – be it trademarks, patents, designs, or copyrights. The team is also well versed in technology transfer and commercialization.

With a strong team of 325+ industry experts, we cover various technology areas, including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Electronics, Telecommunications, Software, Information Technology, and more. We take pride in our accurate and prompt response to the IP needs of companies. Our service scope explicitly covers the IP life cycle, right from conceptualization-to-commercialization.

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Patents receive grants for novel inventions with an inventive step that can be industrially applicable. A patent validity lasts for 20 years, starting from filing the patent application, and this term cannot be extended. A Patentee owns complete freedom to utilize, sell, or even license the patent and has exclusive rights to prevent other people from making, selling, or using the patented invention. Some of the critical aspects in a patent process include:

Drafting Provisional Patent Application

A provisional patent application is a provision in patent law that allows applicants to file patent applications - wherein the proof of concept is there, but the complete invention is still pending. The inventor gets 12 months to complete their invention from the date of filing the provisional application and can file the complete application afterward. This provision allows applicants to obtain a formal priority date quickly.
Most importantly, the provisional application must be comprehensively drafted to be eligible for a priority date. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional help when preparing a provisional application. And to meet this need, YPT team is an expert in drafting a well-crafted provisional application that covers all embodiments, implementations, and aspects of the invention.

Drafting Non-Provisional Patent Application

A non-provisional patent application (also referred to as a complete application) includes sections that form part of a patent specification. For example, the non-provisional patent application includes claims that form the most crucial part of a patent specification. They define the scope of protection for an invention, which means that the claims highlight the novel and inventive characteristics of an invention that are worthy of patent protection.
Preparing a non-provisional patent application around the novel feature and inventive aspects of the invention requires a balanced technical and scientific approach and a deep knowledge of patent laws across the globe. Hence, the techno-legal experts at YPT understand the invention through a detailed discussion with the inventors and draft the non-provisional patent application, including drawings, in accordance with standards of USPTO, EPO, JPO, PCT, India, and other countries.

Application Preparation and E-filing

An applicant must file a patent application as soon as the invention is ready because the date of the patent plays a significant role in claiming your invention. Highly skilled patent filing experts of YPT team can assist you in preparing the required forms, applications and handling the majority of the administrative tasks.

Preparing Response to Office Action

Preparing a response to a non-final and final rejection received from various patent offices requires techno-legal and paralegal expertise. YPT is familiar with the patent examiner's technical and formal rejections/objections. YPT Office Action solutions overcome the objections or rejections raised by the Patent Examiner according to Patent office rules and guidelines while keeping in mind the business impact(s) of the arguments presented in response to the office action.

Patent search and analytics involves understanding the state-of-the-art technology associated with the contours of the patent landscape for making profitable patent investments and avoiding potential infringement. Our patent search team is committed to helping our customers navigate their IP landscape. We provide actionable insights to improve the quality and speed of decision-making and legal advice throughout the IP life cycle. YPT provides a wide range of high-end patent search and analytics services mentioned below.

Novelty / Patentability Search

YPT's Patentability Search service is designed with a single goal in mind – to give you the relevant prior-art, in a cost-effective and timely manner. Be it a professional overseeing the patent prosecution at a corporation, a patent lawyer, or an innovator. Patentability Search can take your innovation(s) forward and achieve results that matter.

Patent Invalidity Search

YPT's Patent Invalidation/Invalidity Search service identifies patent and non-patent documents that may impact the validity of a patent claim. This unique process helps in two ways – it quickly identifies relevant prior arts and delivers the information you seek - structured as per your unique legal and technical requirements. Both are critical factors in guiding you to make sound decisions.

Freedom to Operate Search (FTO)

YPT's FTO searches offer the right approach when one needs to assess potential infringement before a product launch or plan out the next technical development phase. It is designed to identify potential roadblocks during licensing or invalidation and guide product/design decisions that may uncover design-around technologies.

Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report

YPT's Patent Landscape Search helps you understand how a technology or an industry is evolving through an overview and analysis of patent information. Clients can leverage YPT's Patent Landscape Service to identify what patents their competitor is filing, their patenting strategy, new opportunities/ threats in the domain, M&A possibilities, technology white spaces, and R&D investments accordingly.

IP commercialization is an important business activity for any business, large or small. Any technology-centric business would often need to commercialize the IP it owns. This activity has a huge business impact. However, in-house legal and R&D teams often lack the expertise and the bandwidth to undertake it in a timely and accurate manner. YPT’s expertise in patent licensing / commercialization and acquisition comes in handy for maximum business and revenue impact.

Patent Valuation

YPT's Patent Valuation service helps you to determine the monetary value of your patent, which in turn impacts your R&D efforts, bolsters your intellectual property rights, and enhances revenue, stock performance, and reputation.

Patent/Technology Licensing Support

Patent licensing has become the focus area for IP-centric companies. Hence, understanding the intricacies of licensing/selling your intellectual property/technology becomes paramount. YPT's end-to-end Patent Licensing Support service suits both large/mid-size organizations and individual IP owners.
At YPT, we offer strategic identification of target markets, key players, opportunities/threats to licensing/selling, identify deal-driving patents in each market, and identify opportunities for passive income with defensive aggregators/patent pools catering to the needs of the company. In addition, our end-to-end licensing support guides you in making sound business decisions.
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