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Copyright provides legal protection to authors and creators of unique work. 

The registration entails with it a bundle of rights such as: 

  • Right of reproduction, adaptation
  • Communication to the public (showcase or perform)
  • Adaptors translate
  • Claim damages for infringement
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Copyright protects a unique idea and a form of expression to get copyright protection. We, at Sagacious IP, welcome people with creative works and help them protect and monitor their creations.

Protection in the form of copyright promotes creativity, induces creators to generate original content, and motivates others to create. More than just protecting, it entitles the creators of such work to adequate compensation. Copyright Protection acts as prima facie evidence for the validity and authenticity of registrants over their copyright work. The protection under copyright is granted for 60 years which is counted from the year of death of the author.


We assist the creators of works such as literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic producers of cinematographic films and sound recordings to protect their creative efforts. Furthermore, as per the Copyright Act, 1956, the protection is extended to the creative efforts of writers, artists, designers, dramatists, musicians, architects, and producers of sound recordings, cinematograph films, and computer software.

Sagacious IP understands the need of various authors, creators, publishers, broadcasters, producers, industries, and companies. It strives towards getting adequate protection for their work by:

Filing Copyright Application

Prosecuting Copyright Application

Facilitating and advising on agreements related to Copyright Licensing and Assignment

Cancellation of Copyrights

Representing before the Copyright office or Board

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