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Trademark Services

Your Patent Team (YPT) is a highly skilled group of IP Professionals who support inventors in all matters related to Intellectual Property Rights. We are technology/industry experts with a deep understanding of global Intellectual Property Laws. We have worked with diverse clientele, start-ups, small & medium enterprises, global multinational companies, and large corporates based in India. We help clients manage, protect, and enforce their diverse portfolio of trademarks, patents, designs, and copyrights. The team is also well versed in technology transfer and commercialization.

With over a decade of experience in understanding the industry-specific requirements, our well-experienced trademark, copyright/design professionals & lawyers come together to provide our clients with the best advice and services. This combination helps our clients to adopt offensive and defensive strategies to protect their rights over trademarks, trade dress, domain names, copyrights, designs – in India and across the world.

Our experts have years of experience in filing trademark, copyright & design applications. In addition, we offer advice on sending cease & desist notices, counselling and handling litigations, dispute resolution related to passing off, infringement, trademark dilution, domain name disputes, filing oppositions, and cancellation actions at the Trademark Registry or High Courts. 

Our client portfolio for filing & prosecution of trademarks, copyright & design spans over various sectors of industries including, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Electronics, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Printing & Publishing, Chemicals, Apparel & Fashion, Artificial Intelligence, IT And Software, Defence, Automobiles, Liquor, etc.

  • A Trademark generally refers to the name of a “brand” or its “logo.”
  • Trademark registration can be obtained for a business name, distinctive, catchy phrases, or taglines.
  • If properly used and promoted, a trademark can become the most valuable business asset. 

A trademark is represented by these symbols:

  • ™ for pending/applied marks
  • ® for registered marks

Once we receive the go-ahead to begin the process, our expert trademark consultant will first understand your trademark registration requirements and collect the necessary information to proceed further.

Trademark Search

Conducting a trademark search provides valuable data on similar trademark applications to demonstrate the chances of registrability of a new trademark. This is critical in avoiding unnecessary registration costs. It also offers significant information about the competitors in the market and potential infringement cases.

A trademark is analysed to check its uniqueness. Part of this analysis includes searching the Indian Trademark database. This search tries to identify any previously registered trademarks or pending trademark applications that may be identical to your proposed trademark.

A decision to move ahead with the trademark registration application is taken based on the above assessment.

Registration Feasibility Check

Trademark experts will use the collected information to assess the feasibility of trademark registration in identified classes. Finally, they will convey the assessment result, based on which you may decide to apply for trademark registration.

TM Application Filing

The expert will prepare the documentation necessary for the trademark registration application. Critical information in the documentation is verified with you before filing. Once confirmed, the trademark application is filed online. 

Preparing Response to Office Action

A Trademark Examiner present at the Trademark Office reviews the trademark application. Then, they proceed to the next step in the registration process if the examiner is convinced on the following:

  • The trademark is not identical or similar to an earlier trademark that covers the same or confusingly similar to existing products/services.
  • The trademark is not a mere description of its products/services.

If the examiner has reason to object, an examination report with objections is issued, which must be addressed to convince the examiner (written arguments). If the examiner is still unsatisfied with the reply or the objections fail to meet expectations, he may list the application for hearing. Our trademark attorney will then appear before the hearing officer to convince them to allow the registration of the application.

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