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  • A Design registration refers to the protection of the aesthetical or ornamental aspect of an article.
  • Design registration can be obtained for an appealing and attractive outer appearance of any article or its unique shape.
  • The registration of a design prevents third parties from copying your creation and acts as a value-add, increasing market scope. This leads to a design shaping the brand identity—for example, Coca-Cola’s unique shaped bottle.
  • IP right in the form of Design registration gives an exclusive right to make, sell, and use articles that embody the protected design.
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Upon receiving the design protection request, our design expert will contact you to understand your design registration requirement and collect the necessary information. 

Your design is analyzed to check its novelty and originality. This enables us to find out the chances of registration for your design.

A decision to apply for design registration is taken based on the above. The design application filing process entails the following steps:

Design Application Filing

The expert will prepare all the documentation required to apply for design registration. Critical information in the documentation is double-checked with you before filing. Upon confirmation, the design application is filed online.

Preparing Response to Office Action

Under formal examination, the Indian Design Office checks for the formality requirements and whether duly executed and original documents have been filed or not.

Suppose there are any deficiencies in the application after a formal examination. In that case, the controller issues an examination report stating the objections, which are to be complied within six months from the date of filing of the application.

If the examiner seems satisfied with the response, he may register, publish, and issue a Design Certificate. 

If the examiner is unsatisfied with the reply or the objections are not met, the application may be listed for a hearing. Our attorney thereafter appears before the controller for allowing design registration.

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