What All Criteria My Invention Must Have to Be Patented in India?

What All Criteria My Invention Must Have to Be Patented in India? This article deals with the basic questions of patentability criteria, which an Invention must have, in order to win a patent in India. The article will address the questions of whether you have the invention worth patent protection in India or not have[…]


PCT National Phase Filing in India

When a PCT international application is made designating India, an applicant can file a national phase application in India within 31 months from the international filing date or the priority date, whichever is earlier. PCT NATIONAL The PCT national phase application is filed in Indian Patent Office along with Form-1 for providing details of the international[…]


Procedure for Filing Patent Application in India

Provisional Or Complete?  Patent Application in India As per Section 9 of the Patents Act 1970, a patent application in India may be accompanied with a provisional or a complete specification. Patent Application in India The provisional specification is filed for an invention/ an inventive concept in which the work is still under progress. The provisional[…]

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