Patent Cost In India

Patent Cost in India: Know About all the Costs Involved

During the creation of an invention, it may come to your mind, “What is the patent cost in India?” The answer is not fixed, as it depends on you and your needs. Broadly speaking, you will have to shell out money for 2 purposes: Government fees Professional charges The entire patent registration process involves different[…]

What Are The Crucial Elements of Patent Prosecution in India

What are the Important Elements of Patent Prosecution in India?

What is the meaning of Patent Prosecution in India? It is easy to get it confused with litigation since prosecution generally refers to that. However, patent prosecution is the process of writing and filing a patent application with the patent office to seek protection for an invention. It involves a number of elements such as[…]

Patent Registration in India

Patent registration in India is a serious work that needs years of experience and sound technical knowledge of the subject matter. You need to file a patent application for the invention which is new and novel to complete the patent registration process. The industrial applicability is another important feature and finally, the invention must[…]