Challenges faced by Intellectual Property Rights Issues

Challenges faced by Intellectual Property Rights Issues

Intellectual property rights refer to the general term for the assignment of property rights through patents, copyrights, and trademarks. However, there are some intellectual property rights issues that Indian government need to address. The main purpose of intellectual property is to give protection and encourage research innovation. India has been very progressive over the last[…]

Emerging intellectual property issues in India: Must Know

Emerging Intellectual Property Issues in India: Must Know

Trade-Related Intellectual Property (TRIP) is a standard framework system for IP rights all over the world. It is a branch of the World Trade Organization (WTO) for resolving Intellectual Property issues in India and worldwide. Every related member must follow the TRIP regulations in their domestic IP laws. Thus, after joining the WTO, India also[…]

Provisional and Complete Specification in Patent Must-Know Points

Provisional and Complete Specification in Patent: Must-Know Points

Provisional and Complete specification in patent have unique and important roles to play. At the time of filing patent application you can go for a provisional (incomplete) and non-provisional (complete) specification application. The IPO accepts both process and product patent applications. But you can’t file a plant patent application in India. Patent specification is a[…]

Patent Examination in India

Patent Examination in India: A Quick Guide

The patent examination is the step that comes after your application is published. Also, it is perhaps the hardest part of the patent registration process in India. The IPO scrutinizes every patent application before granting the patent. Hence, you have to account for a lot of things at the same time. This can be tricky[…]

Patent Prosecution in India

Patent Prosecution in India – An Encompassing Guide

The process of Patent prosecution in India starts from filing the application till the very last stage of patent grant or rejection. There is a complete timeline for the legal process with varying duration of different proceedings. The duration of these proceedings are subject to change; this depends majorly on the applicant and on the[…]

Benefits of Patent in India

Benefits of Patent in India

A patent grant in India is given to the applicant who invents something novel. The applicant gets the rights to reap the benefits of patent as this right is given to him by country’s government. It allows the inventor to stop others from copying, manufacturing or selling the invention without their consent. So, basically the[…]

PCT Timeline An Overview

PCT Timeline: An Overview

When you are seeking to file a PCT application, you must have a clear view of the PCT Timeline. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international patent law treaty that assists patent applicants to seek patent protection internationally. There are 152 contracting states under the PCT and they all are under the control of[…]

Patent in India

Patent in India: Procedure for Grant

A patent grant is an exclusive right that protects the invention of the applicant. The procedure for a grant of patent in India comprises of few steps. After following these steps, the Indian patent office issues the patent grant in India to the applicant. However, a patent grant does not arise automatically. An understanding of[…]

Patent Cost In India

Patent Cost in India: Know About all the Costs Involved

During the creation of an invention, it may come to your mind, “What is the patent cost in India?” The answer is not fixed, as it depends on you and your needs. Broadly speaking, you will have to shell out money for 2 purposes: Government fees Professional charges The entire patent registration process involves different[…]