Patent Filing Precautions for Startups: Top 3

When startups take charge of filing a patent, and if it was their first patent, they might not be able to show their best results in the first filed patent, due to lack of knowledge about the patent fundamentals and awareness about the IP filed. Generally, the first patent is always the least valuable patent[…]

Facts to Consider Before Filing a Patent Application

Before you file a patent, you must know patent process takes a way more than just a lot of money. Filing a patent application is a big step and must only be taken once you are 100% sure and ready to make the investment. It is no doubt, will give you the complete authority (through[…]

Patent Prosecution Process

Patent Prosecution Process in India

Publication of Application As per Section 11A and Rule 24 of the Patents Act 1970, an application is published after completion of eighteen months from its earliest priority date. However as per Rule 24A, an early publication may be requested in Form 9 at any time before the end of the eighteen months period. Examination[…]