Patent Filing Precautions for Startups: Top 3

When startups take charge of filing a patent, and if it was their first patent, they might not be able to show their best results in the first filed patent, due to lack of knowledge about the patent fundamentals and awareness about the IP filed. Generally, the first patent is always the least valuable patent[…]

Patent Application in India

What is a Provisional Patent Application in India?

What is a Provisional Patent Application in India? A provisional specification is filed when an inventor is at the initial stage of his invention. Much more experimentation is to be done and hence it can only be disclosed on a paper. A provisional specification at this stage provides an interim protection and can be filed without[…]

Patent Claim

Single Sentence Requirement of a Patent Claim

Patent claims are written to “particularly point out and distinctly claim” an invention in a statutory class. The prescribed and accepted way of writing a claim is that each claim shall be a single sentence. That is, the standard custom as to claim construction is that each claim must be the object of a single[…]

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