Post-Grant Opposition in India

Post Grant Opposition In India: Know The Basics

India became a signatory of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement on 1st January 2005, and subsequently, Section 25 of the Act got amendments to adhere to the terms of the agreement of TRIPS. This amendment provides a system integration of pre and post-grant opposition wherein inventions that are either on the way[…]

Patent in India

Who can apply for a patent in India?

Who can apply for a patent in India? The application form of a patent can be filled by an individual inventor or group of inventors, owner, patent agent, licensed attorney, or a legal representative of the individual.  Filing a form is not just, writing the technical information of the invention, but more than that, it is[…]

Indian Patent Filing: Specifications, Forms, Procedure, Examination & Cost Incurred

Indian Patent Filing- Any Indian citizen, organization, business, or any international client holds the eligibility to file patent in India, on individual basis or joint basis. There is a provision that not only the true inventor has the authority, but also an assignee has the authority to seek for patent protection in India. In case[…]

Avoid Mistakes While Filing Patent Application

A patent can create or break one’s business. Along with the success of a business it also determines the potential financial future of it too. If an inventor doesn’t patent his invention and someone else does it, then the inventor would be sued for patent infringement in spite of being the original or first person[…]

When should I file a patent in India? Proper time for filing a patent application

When should I file a patent in India? : It is always advisable to file a patent for an invention much before it is published or discussed with a group of people. In India, filing a patent for an invention or research work should be considered as a priority task in order to gain maximum[…]

Procedure for Patent Application Filing in India

Procedure for Patent Application Filing in India: Filing a patent application in any of the global IP offices is the first and foremost step towards securing a patent towards an invention. For a patent application filing, one has to submit a set of forms to the patent office. This procedure can be done by both[…]

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