Who can apply for a patent in India?

Who can apply for a patent in India? The application form of a patent can be filled by an individual inventor or group of inventors, owner, patent agent, licensed attorney, or a legal representative of the individual.  Filing a form is not just, writing the technical information of the invention, but more than that, it is a process that requires attention to minute details and filing every additional form that will increase the possibility of obtaining a patent. The best advice is to reach to a license patent agent who can guide you through the process of patent application and help you avoid any mistakes that can cause rejection of your patent application. An application form is a science filled with technicalities and precise description of the work.

Patent in India

A licensed patent agent is the best and advantageous approach for filing a patent application. An agent is an individual specialized in the patent process, technical background, professional writing, and prosecution of the application and legally registered with the Indian Patent Office.  These specialists are needed to qualify an examination to have the capacity to practice and must enlist as a patent agent in India. Every single agent has different technical background and is a scholar of patent law.

Even though the patent proprietor and inventor themselves can document a patent application. However, our suggestion is to hire a professional, which can have an expansive effect to a degree of patent allowed or patent rejected.

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Instructions to apply for patent in India

A good and acceptable patent application comprises of

  • Full disclosure of the innovation
  • Cover every possible claim for the invention
  • Tries to balance the protection range of the invention and any invalidity points made due to existing prior art.

A patent agent understands the twist and turns of the application and mends its best way to obtain a patent for the invention.  After all the invention is regarded the same as some other property, the better the construction of it, merrier the profit.

One must always note that in understanding with Indian patent law, a patent is granted to that individual who files the patent first, not the first to invent.

The term and date of patent

The term of patent is 20 years from the date of documenting of the patent application, regardless that the application is documented with provisional or complete specification.

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