Patenting in India: Key Steps

A patent grant is an exclusive right that protects the invention of the applicant. Patenting in India starts with performing patent searches before patent application filing. After determining the novelty of the invention, one can file the patent application with the Indian Patent Office. The patent application filing can be in any of the branches[…]

Importance of Patent Agent in India

Importance of Patent Agent in India

A patent agent is a person who has good experience in prosecuting patents for their clients. As we know, drafting of patent application requires specific technical and legal knowledge. So, a person needs to have skills in drafting and filing a patent application to fulfill the obligation of patent prosecution. It is important to note[…]

Digital Access Service System

India Enters WIPO Digital Access Service System

India is the newest country to join the WIPO Digital Access Service or DAS System. The WIPO-India Cooperation Agreement was established on March  31, 2018. It was established between the Indian Patent Office (IPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Therefore, we must learn about this new DAS system. What is the Digital Access[…]

Benefits of e-Filing Patent Applications in India

The technological landscape is changing swiftly, and it has penetrated almost every aspect of human life. Same goes true for Indian Patent Office and before 2007 when inventors manually file their patents with mountains of paperwork that was tedious not only for the applicant but also for the Indian Patent Office. All stakeholders including the[…]

How to file patent in India

How to file Patent in India- Requirements | Procedure | Specifications | Forms

Any Indian citizen, organization, business, or any international client holds the eligibility to file a patent in India, on an individual basis or joint basis. There is a provision that not only the true inventor has the authority, but also an assignee has the authority to seek for patent protection in India. In case of an[…]

IP Protection Schemes for Start-Ups and SMEs

Startup India While considering IP Protection Schemes for Start-Ups, Startup India appears to be the perfect example. On April 17, 2015, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India released a notification to define ‘startups’. According to the notification, an entity will be defined as a startup if it follows the below-mentioned[…]

Nitty Gritty of Expedited Patent Grant in India

Right from its inception, Patent grant in India is being blamed for its inefficiency and tardiness. But it seems that the time has changed and the patent office is outperforming major patent offices around the world in its granting of patents to change its tarnished image. This becomes evident with the simple fact that the Mumbai[…]

In which patent office, you should file patent applications in India?

In which patent office, you should file patent applications in India? – Documenting a patent application in the Indian Patent Office is the initial move towards securing a patent to your development in India. To document a patent application, a set of forms must be submitted to the patent office. A form can be submitted[…]

Patent in India

Who can apply for a patent in India?

Who can apply for a patent in India? The application form of a patent can be filled by an individual inventor or group of inventors, owner, patent agent, licensed attorney, or a legal representative of the individual.  Filing a form is not just, writing the technical information of the invention, but more than that, it is[…]

Is E-Filing, The Only Mode to File Patent Application in India?

Is E-Filing, The Only Mode to File Patent Application in India? Yes – In the year 2007, the Indian Patent Office has introduced the E-filing mode to file patent applications in India. This has been introduced to make the filing process much easier to access and file from any location. Since, filing the applications manually,[…]

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