What are Complete Specifications of Patent?

The regular patent applications which are prosecuted, examined and granted by the patent office collectively comprise as complete specifications of patent. The complete specification comprises of the full and sufficient disclosure of the invention along with the best mode of practice of the invention. It also comes with definite claims which define the legal boundary of the invention.

What are Complete Specifications of Patent?

Any complete specification comprises of the following elements:

  • Title of Invention

The title of the invention should carry an impression of the invention and should be concise. It must not contain any description of the invention

  • Field of Invention

The field of an invention contains the details regarding the subject matter of the invention. Any field of invention should be drafted in such a manner that will enable the Patent Examiner to have a clear idea of the invention.

  • Background

Background of an invention stresses upon as to how and why the invention came into reality. All other related prior-arts and their shortcomings are also focused while discussing about the background of any invention.

  • Summary

The summary of the invention helps to understand the description, Claims section, the commercial viability and industrial usage of the invention in brief.

  • Brief Description of Drawings

The description should be written in such a manner that any skilled person from the similar technical domain will be able to execute the invention by following the details provided in the description of drawings.

  • Description of Invention

The name itself suggests that description should be as elaborate as possible covering all minute details. It must be clear and complete.

  • Examples

This is applicable if the invention which is executed has any similar examples. It can be  mentioned separately or along with the Description section.

All the details mentioned in the specification is described in brief in within hundred fifty words in the abstract.

It is the backbone or the basic building blocks of a specification which must be written keeping in mind the technical and legal aspect.

  • Diagram/Flow chart

The specification must be accompanied by as many relevant diagrams as possible to make it easy to understand so that the invention can be executed without any difficulty.

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