How to Write Abstract in Patent Application?

How to Write Abstract in Patent Application? The abstract is one of the most significant parts that can be referred as the first impression of the patent application. An abstract is simply a short and concise technical summary of the patent application, which must be framed in not more than 150 words and lies at the top of the application. Abstract gives the idea about the features and usability of the product, but exclude the scope of the claims. It must be presented in a way that anyone can judge the basic principles of the product or invention, and can decide whether to precede further and read complete application or not. Similar to the claims, the abstract has to be filed before 12 months of application filing date.

How to Write Abstract in Patent Application?

Here are some of the areas which must be focused while writing abstracts for technical patents.

  • Understand the product/invention: While writing abstract, the author must be very clear with the main areas of focus or the purpose of the invention or the invented product. Since it is the responsibility of the author, to present the abstract in such a manner that it attracts maximum number of audience. This does not mean to use any technical word, whether it is being implemented or not, instead it means to frame the abstract in very simple words, make it more generalized, and giving space to the technical terms as well.
  • Understand the audience: It is important to get the idea about the target audience and their level of understanding about the subject. This will help the author to choose specific terminology so that it can be easily understood by the audience. Using specific and clear words does not means to describe the complete details in the abstract part or to use such easy words that could change the technical aspect; instead it means to present the abstract in simple manner that provides a gist about the invention while satisfying its technical boundaries.
  • Be specific: The abstract has to be specific and precise, to attract more generalized audience. Using extra information or more detailed information in the abstract part would change the meaning of abstract. It must be presented in a separate A4 sheet and must use title that clearly states ‘Abstract’ or ‘Abstract of disclosure’, which ca vary from laws of one territorial boundary to another. Inclusion of references of any claims, elements which are already present in the application, is not required. Whereas, use of keywords, or technical jargons is highly recommended.


Writing a good abstract will engage the readers for further reading out the complete application. Proper use of keywords and associated jargons will help new researchers in searching out the available patent application. This will help in getting more number of readers for a particular application, thus helping out in a great stream of knowledge transfer.

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An abstract creates the first impression of inventor’s work in the mind of readers, and therefore it is really important to give optimum focus while creating abstract for the patent application.

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