How to Write Abstract in Patent Application?

How to Write Abstract in Patent Application? The abstract is one of the most significant parts that can be referred as the first impression of the patent application. An abstract is simply a short and concise technical summary of the patent application, which must be framed in not more than 150 words and lies at[…]


Convention Filing in India

An application filed by an applicant in the Patent Office, claiming priority date based on a similar application filed in one of the convention countries is referred as convention application. The applicant is required to file the application in the Patent Office (India) within 12 months from the date of earliest priority application in the[…]


Patent Drafting – Get it right or lose your innovation

Patent specification? a techno-legal document elaborating best mode of carrying out the claimed invention and claims to the patent rights. Embark your inventions’ claim. Importance? a single document referred by patent examiner/controller, licensee, competitor, judge, lawyers, public/peers. one document to please all. one document multiple benefits – Protection, Economic Viability, Enforcement etc. well drafted patent[…]

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