How can I generate more money by patenting an invention?

The most important question that can run through the mind of any inventor is how much will he or she be benefited by patenting an invention in terms of monetary aspects. After all, two important factors that any inventor stresses upon are: To ensure that they have made a significant contribution to the society through[…]

How Patent Competitive Analysis Helps IP

How Patent Competitive Analysis Helps IP Counsels Make Better Decisions

It is universally accepted fact that a patent counsel’s job is not merely limited to a prosecution, litigation, and maintenance it’s much more than that. Apart from these above-mentioned tasks which are basic in nature, they are also required to envision the whole technological domain to ensure that their client remains at the top of[…]


Patent Drafting – Get it right or lose your innovation

Patent specification? a techno-legal document elaborating best mode of carrying out the claimed invention and claims to the patent rights. Embark your inventions’ claim. Importance? a single document referred by patent examiner/controller, licensee, competitor, judge, lawyers, public/peers. one document to please all. one document multiple benefits – Protection, Economic Viability, Enforcement etc. well drafted patent[…]

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