Patenting An Idea: Possible or Not?

Patenting An Idea- Possible or Not? To answer the above question is pretty simple. It is a NO! An idea can never be patented. It is the invention that has to be patented. It is true that the root behind any invention is an idea but always an idea cannot lead to an invention. An[…]

How can I generate more money by patenting an invention?

The most important question that can run through the mind of any inventor is how much will he or she be benefited by patenting an invention in terms of monetary aspects. After all, two important factors that any inventor stresses upon are: To ensure that they have made a significant contribution to the society through[…]

Must Requirements for Patent Eligibility Which You should not Ignore!

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) state certain patent eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled before putting an application for any patent. Requirements for Patent Eligibility: Patent eligibility comprises of the five basic elements in the United States which are discussed below in detail. Inclusion of patentable subject matters: According to the USPTO guidelines, the[…]

Must Requirements for Patent Granting in India : Does Your Invention have?

It is extremely important to find out the requirements for patent granting in India and whether an invention will actually earn a patent or not.If your invention is crafted with all minute details such that upon reading it an experienced person from the same field can reduce it to practice easily then it is high[…]


Business Method Patents: Allowed or Not

With the digital age and the advances in the methods of doing business, particularly in electronic commerce and the Internet, a lot of growth has been seen in developing new and innovative business methods. Business methods are being developed by IT companies, banking corporations and the proprietors of online market and auction sites. Business methods[…]

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