What are the Differences Between Provisional and Complete Specification

What are the Differences Between Provisional and Complete Specification?

A provisional and complete specification is a very confusing aspect of the application. The level of precision a patent application needs might perplex you. Hence, it’s important to understand the difference between the two and the purpose both serve. A patent specification is a document that explains your invention is very specific terms. That is,[…]

Best time to File Patent Application in India

What is the best time to File Patent Application in India? – Documenting a patent application is the top priority at all stages of the Research & Development (R&D). During the initial stages of the R&D of building up the invention, it is useful to read the guidelines of provisional patent application filing that could spare[…]

Filing Provisional Patent Application in India – Checklist

Filing Provisional Patent Application in India – The patent offices in India are working their best on to making the patent process simple and user-friendly. In attempt to do, Indian Patent Office (IPO) allow an inventor to file provisional patent application.  When an invention has substantially reached a stage where it fulfills the criteria of[…]

Cost of Patent Registration in India

Cost of Patent Registration in India : A patent application might be documented on Form-1 alongside Provisional/Complete Specification, with the recommended charge as given in First Schedule at a proper Patent office in India as per the jurisdiction. An application documented with provisional specification reveals the nature of the invention and helps to register the priority[…]

Must Requirements for Patent Granting in India : Does Your Invention have?

It is extremely important to find out the requirements for patent granting in India and whether an invention will actually earn a patent or not.If your invention is crafted with all minute details such that upon reading it an experienced person from the same field can reduce it to practice easily then it is high[…]