Why Your Patent Application Gets Rejected? Know The Reasons!!

The chances of predicting uncertainty in your own patent application is often difficult and hard to believe. In the case of IP industry, the inventor puts all of his/her efforts to create and finalize the patent application. But still, not all become successful in getting a patent registered in their name. Rejections can never be[…]

Is it Possible to Patent a Mobile Application in India?

Is it Possible to Patent a Mobile Application in India? – In this 21st century, the mode of communications has been shifted from journals, newspapers to mobile phone. Today, we are able to perform almost everything our mobile phones, with the help of every day updating mobile based applications. Mobile Apps are important intellectual assets[…]

What are Complete Specifications of Patent?

The regular patent applications which are prosecuted, examined and granted by the patent office collectively comprise as complete specifications of patent. The complete specification comprises of the full and sufficient disclosure of the invention along with the best mode of practice of the invention. It also comes with definite claims which define the legal boundary[…]

Complete Patent Application – A to Z Guide

In order to obtain a patent, submission of a complete specification carries immense importance. The inventor should describe his invention stating every possible minute detail in the complete specification so as to claim the patent. The disclosure in the specification must be furnished in such a manner that any person experienced in the similar art[…]


Patent Drafting – Get it right or lose your innovation

Patent specification? a techno-legal document elaborating best mode of carrying out the claimed invention and claims to the patent rights. Embark your inventions’ claim. Importance? a single document referred by patent examiner/controller, licensee, competitor, judge, lawyers, public/peers. one document to please all. one document multiple benefits – Protection, Economic Viability, Enforcement etc. well drafted patent[…]

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