How to File National Phase Patent Application in India?

How to File National Phase Patent Application in India? – Before going directly to the national phase application, let’s first understand what an “international application” is. The PCT (Patent Corporation Treaty), which is also known as an “international application”, is a treaty signed between more than 149 countries, that allows a patent applicant to file[…]

How to Register Patent in India?

Easy 10 Steps to Register Patent in India  Step 1: Collect all the details of the invention covering the entire major and minor details as possible, for example, area of invention, description of the invention, operation and working of the invention, and advantages of the invention. Step 2: Incorporate illustrations, diagrams or portrays of the[…]

Provisional Application

PCT Timeline India

Timeline A national phase application, corresponding to a PCT international application, must be filed in India within a non-extendable period of 31 months from a date of priority of the corresponding PCT international application. Forms and Fee As per Section 139 of the Patents Act 1970, the patent office necessitates filing of national phase applications[…]

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