IP Treaties

Important IP Treaties & Agreements: You Must Know About!

Being a significant part of the IP industry, we understand the importance of being up-to-date about every innovation, taking place around us. The more updated you are, the better will be your services and moves to counter the opposing parties. Since, IP is a field that deals with all the techno-legal aspects, one needs to[…]

Top 6 Challenges & Issues In Intellectual Property Rights (India)

India joined WTO (World Trade Organization) and became a signatory of the TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual rights) agreements in the year of 1995. With this, all the signatories were supposed to align their IP rules in conformation with the TRIPS agreement. However, developing countries like India were granted a window period of 10 years[…]

Patent Filing Precautions for Startups: Top 3

When startups take charge of filing a patent, and if it was their first patent, they might not be able to show their best results in the first filed patent, due to lack of knowledge about the patent fundamentals and awareness about the IP filed. Generally, the first patent is always the least valuable patent[…]

Any Plans To File A Patent Application? Consider These 3 Important Steps

Well, you have an idea that you think could really be a success if protected and monetized properly and thus you decided to patent it. To start off, you started searching “how to patent an idea” but the search engine bombarded you with information that is technical, legal and undecipherable. You are bewildered with the[…]

Patent Fundamentals: Know Them All!

A patent is an exclusive set of rights granted to an inventor by the national government authority or regional patent office for a new invention or product. And therefore, learning about patent fundamentals is a prime aspect. The invention has to fulfill all criterions of obtaining a patent apart from being novel and non-obvious. The[…]

Bursting Myths about Indian Patent System

India is one of those countries that have witnessed a sharp economic growth in last few years and companies are luring to invest here, viewing the large size of the market and a stable Government rule. India Patent System adopted universally accepted patent regimen in the year of 2005 and since then it is a[…]

How to get Patent Protection in India?

How to get Patent Protection in India?- In simple terms, it is a property, but an intellectual property (IP) – a protected innovation, which belongs to you solely. It ensures creations and changes to existing innovations. This IP is yours to use for your own purpose, in case others desire to use your property; they[…]

How Mobile App Applications are Protected through IPR? Patent OR Trademark OR Copyright?

How Mobile App Applications are Protected through IPR? Patent OR Trademark OR Copyright?- In this vast technological era of 21st century, people are relying on mobile applications for their day to day living. We now have mobile based application for not only buying and selling clothes, but also for buying basic groceries, medicines, gadgets, and everything[…]

How Patent Competitive Analysis Helps IP

How Patent Competitive Analysis Helps IP Counsels Make Better Decisions

It is universally accepted fact that a patent counsel’s job is not merely limited to a prosecution, litigation, and maintenance it’s much more than that. Apart from these above-mentioned tasks which are basic in nature, they are also required to envision the whole technological domain to ensure that their client remains at the top of[…]

Provisional Application

File Provisional Application – Get the Priority

What is provisional application? a preliminary step, provides you priority date and application number describes the nature of invention can be filed without any formal patent claims a temporary application Benefits provide 12 months to fully develop the invention and determine commercial viability without losing priority helps in securing innovation in case of unintentional public[…]

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