Important IP Treaties & Agreements: You Must Know About!

Being a significant part of the IP industry, we understand the importance of being up-to-date about every innovation, taking place around us. The more updated you are, the better will be your services and moves to counter the opposing parties. Since, IP is a field that deals with all the techno-legal aspects, one needs to learn about everything related to IP. Irrespective of the jurisdiction in which you want to file your patent, you must know about the various IP treaties. It will benefit you in choosing any specific area where to register by the details about the IP treaties you want to follow. Whether it comes to time-period of the protection, or the various timelines offered, that you think is most suitable for you, you must know the very basics of IP treaties.

IP Treaties & Agreement

Also, intellectual properties have become the significant intangible assets from the very 2000’s. Moreover, there is no doubt, that if anyone cautiously follow all the IP updates and eagerly involved in innovation, then it can provide huge monetary benefits. These can also help companies build substantial corpora in due course of time. More, there are many rules and methodologies which are put forth during various IP treaties, to facilitate a healthy IP industry.

With this article, we came up with some essential IP treaties. Also, these will make you aware about the foundation of Ip industry. Everyone should know about these, for understanding the IP domain in its totality.

IP Treaties: Paris Convention Treaty (For Protection of industrial property)

This treaty was signed in the year 1883 in France, Paris. No doubt, this is one of those first treaties that underline rules relating to the IP, which are universally applicable in all of its binding states. After implementing this treaty, which one can enjoy the longevity of its protection. It is the only convention wherein the concept of priority date was established. In other words, the applicant can avail longer IP protection, in its initial years. This treaty enables an applicant from one contracting State to receive a first filing date which will be valid in other contracting states. However, there is only one catch. The only clause is that the applicant, or his successor in title, have to file a subsequent application within 6 months (for industrial designs and trademarks) or 12 months (for patents and utility models) from the first filing.

IP Treaties: Madrid Agreement (For International registration of marks)

This treaty came into existence in the year 1981 in the city of Madrid, (Spain). However, the Madrid protocol was put forth in the year 1989 which governs filing and grant of trademarks. It can be in various jurisdictions of the contracting states. Therefore, with the Madrid protocol, a centrally administered system of obtaining trademarks in multiple jurisdictions, came into existence. It facilitates the protection of marks, symbols, signs, sound, and smell was not possible to protect earlier.

IP Treaties: Hague Agreement (For International registration of industrial designs)

From 1st June 1928, this treaty became applicable. It was first convened in the city of Hague, Netherlands. It provides a single centralized process of granting protection for industrial designs with a set of fees. It can be anything like the shape of an article, any two-dimensional features, lines, colors or patterns. Thus, anything which that give aesthetics to various industrial products is industrial design.

IP Treaties: Budapest Treaty (For International recognition of the deposit of micro-organisms)

It is an international treaty which came into existence in the year 1977. It came after the convention of various parties in the city of Budapest, Hungry. This treaty enables protection for the “deposits of microorganisms at an international depositary authority”.

You can find many treaties in various jurisdiction that varies from one another in many ways. To know more about different IP treaties, you can check the official page.

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