Patent Filing Precautions for Startups: Top 3

When startups take charge of filing a patent, and if it was their first patent, they might not be able to show their best results in the first filed patent, due to lack of knowledge about the patent fundamentals and awareness about the IP filed. Generally, the first patent is always the least valuable patent[…]


How to decide Patent Ownership/ Assignee on Individual OR Business Name?

How to decide Patent Ownership/ Assignee on Individual Name OR Business Name? This is a major question that plays through the mind of any patent applicant as to in whose name the patent filing if done will be beneficial. To give a solution this question, it depends upon the necessity of the applicant and hence[…]

What is Patent Protection? What are different aspects of it?

What is Patent Protection? A patent office grants certain rights to an inventor to provide protection for his/her invention, by restricting every other person to make use, sell, or import that invention without the inventor’s consent. These are commonly referred as the ‘Patent’. The inventor holds every right to license or sell the rights defined by[…]

When should I file a patent in India? Proper time for filing a patent application

When should I file a patent in India? : It is always advisable to file a patent for an invention much before it is published or discussed with a group of people. In India, filing a patent for an invention or research work should be considered as a priority task in order to gain maximum[…]

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