Patent Prosecution in India

Patent Prosecution in India – An Encompassing Guide

The process of Patent prosecution in India starts from filing the application till the very last stage of patent grant or rejection. There is a complete timeline for the legal process with varying duration of different proceedings. The duration of these proceedings are subject to change; this depends majorly on the applicant and on the[…]

How to file National Phase PCT Patent Application in India?

How to file National Phase PCT Patent Application in India? – Let us first understand what is PCT. Patent Cooperation Treaty allows patent applicants to seek patent protection internationally. By this it means that, an applicant can have protection in a number of countries through applying for their application in accordance with the PCT procedure.[…]

How to File Patent Outside India?

How to File Patent Outside India? – Not all the countries have same national security consideration; distinctive nations have different restriction with the aim of having a keep an eye on the defense and nuclear vitality related creations. While few nations make it obligatory to document a Patent Application in their nation before applying in[…]

Patent Application in India

What is a Provisional Patent Application in India?

What is a Provisional Patent Application in India? A provisional specification is filed when an inventor is at the initial stage of his invention. Much more experimentation is to be done and hence it can only be disclosed on a paper. A provisional specification at this stage provides an interim protection and can be filed without[…]


Procedure for Filing Patent Application in India

Provisional Or Complete?  Patent Application in India As per Section 9 of the Patents Act 1970, a patent application in India may be accompanied with a provisional or a complete specification. Patent Application in India The provisional specification is filed for an invention/ an inventive concept in which the work is still under progress. The provisional[…]

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