A Quick Guide for Patent Registration

A Quick Guide for Patent Registration

Do you wish to get patent registration in India? A patent registration helps one to get the legal rights of a certain invention. It is an exclusive right given to the inventor that restricts others from selling and making use of the same. It stands for 20 years before coming in public domain. There are[…]

What is the Article 19 Amendment under PCT_And Bonus Information

What is the Article 19 Amendment under PCT? (And Bonus Information)

If you’re filing an international patent application, then there is a chance that you have come across the Article 19 Amendment. But what exactly does it entail? There are situations where you might want to make changes to your claims after receiving your International Search Report (ISR). The way of going about it is in[…]

patent registration in India

Patent Registration in India: An all-encompassing guide

India in the modern day is flourishing with ideas and inventions in a plethora of industries. More and more patents are being filed each day, making Patent Registration in India a very important task. It takes somewhere between 3 to 5 years to complete the patent registration in India. You may not get the grant[…]