A Quick Guide for Patent Registration

Do you wish to get patent registration in India? A patent registration helps one to get the legal rights of a certain invention. It is an exclusive right given to the inventor that restricts others from selling and making use of the same. It stands for 20 years before coming in public domain. There are certain mandatory steps involved to complete the patent registration process in India. The patent registration process and several steps involved in the process are discussed below.

Patent Registration Complete Process:

  • Check patentability of the invention by Prior Art Search :

A prior art search helps in checking the patentability of the invention. You can perform your patent search here to determine the patentability of the same. It helps in determining that the invention is already in use or not.

  • Draft a patent application :

Once you have completed your patent search in order to complete your patent registration, drafting of the patent application comes into play. You need to complete your application which has to be accompanied by a patent specification. The patent draft is important as it helps to specify and declare in-depth information about the invention which in turn will help the patent application getting proper protection. Whether a patent will be granted or not is decided by a patent draft.

  • File the patent application:

The next step of patent registration is the filing of the drafted patent application. If the state of invention is yet to be completed, file a provisional application, and if the invention is in a complete state, file a complete application for that patent. If one has filed a provisional application, there is a time of 12 months allocated to the applicant for filing a complete application. Declaration of the inventor’s name is one of the most important things to mention in the application. The application is to be submitted to the patent office of the region where the applicant resides.  

  • Publishing of the patent application:

The patent office publishes the patent application. Further, after 18 months to a prior date, the application gets its publication in the office patent journal. Only the publication of complete application takes place. If the application is provisional, then one needs to complete it to publish the application. It is important to publish the patent application as early as possible due to the fact that the rights of the patentee start accruing only after the publication date.

  • Examination of the patent application:

This is one of the most important parts of the whole process of patent registration. After the application is published, it goes to the patent examiner for the examination of the application. The examiner compares the details of the invention to the prior art. The examiner asks to amend the application if any obligation is present in the application. The application moves ahead by issuing out a letter to the applicant citing the requirements. The application won’t move further if the applicant is unable to satisfy the required examiner’s objection. On the contrary, the patent application moves ahead if the applicant provides acceptable arguments and clears all the objections of the examiner. This is the last step before the grant of patent.

  • Patent Grant:

Finally, the application gets a patent grant after following all the above steps. However, the patent gets grant only after clearing all the objections of the patent examiner.

Looking for Patent Registration?

It is true that patent registration is a time-consuming process. There are tons of inventions happening all around the world and whoever files the patent application early gets the legal rights of the patent.                                                                                                    

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