Facts to Consider Before Filing a Patent Application

Before you file a patent, you must know patent process takes a way more than just a lot of money. Filing a patent application is a big step and must only be taken once you are 100% sure and ready to make the investment. It is no doubt, will give you the complete authority (through intellectual property rights) to sell, produce, and use your invention, but you must understand that it’s not just a cup of tea. If you get the patent approved for your invention, then you can use that patent as a powerful tool to secure your creation as a legal owner, and charge claims from the person, business infringing your rights.

But, before you take the first step towards filing a patent application for your invention, you must know the following facts:

  • It is very important to know and understand your invention completely, to determine that whether the invention is worth to secure it only through patent. This will give an idea that whether that much effort is required, or this can even be secured through any other mode such as copyright, trademark, etc.
  • It is very important to realize that the complete process of patenting, involves a lot of time (average of 6 years), efforts, money (both in terms of filing, office, and attorney fees), and a considerable amount of research.
  • Also, if you are certain that patent is the best option for it, then determine its kind or category, in which it can be filed.
  • Another important aspect to remember is to check whether the invention satisfies all the requirements or pre-requisite conditions of getting a patent, such as novelty (uniqueness), non-obviousness, not disclosed yet in the market or anywhere through any mode, and industrial applicability.
  • Also, if you have made up your mind that patent is the only best way, then think of patent prosecution process, to decide whether you yourself can follow all the legal procedures and file the application, or you need an experienced patent attorney who could help you out in every phase of patent process.
  • Finally, the last aspect is to understand the patent laws of the governing country where the patent is going to be filed.

All of these facts are real and considerable ones. None of these could be avoided. If these sound a bit depressing, we are here to help you through every phase of your patent prosecution process. We are a team of IP, technical subject, and legal experts that serves corporate clients from more than 45 nations, providing them the best in class IP services.

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