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Patent Help for Research Students: A research student should remain aware that the invention which he is thinking of getting patented is not invented and patented from the very first itself. If the scenario is like this then the researcher will just be re-inventing an already patented research which will not be worth the effort spent. There has been past instances where researchers working on their invention could not get patent as there was already hundreds and thousands of patent following similar technology and research domain. Students

For a patent to be granted, the invention should be:

The patents or prior art documents can be quite similar to the present invention, but if the invention is technologically improved or economically viable or both then the researcher gets the patent. An experienced patent professional’s help at this stage helps in establishing that the invention of the researcher is more superior to the existing ones.  The novelty search or patentability search is executed for the said purpose.

A patentability search, if done rightly, helps a researcher in the following aspects:

  • it helps a researcher to determine whether it would be correct to patent the invention or not.
  • the researcher will be able to know which part of his invention is already patented and what can be novel in that invention.
  • It helps the researcher to focus on the areas of invention which in turn will buy maximum protection.

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