What is Trademark Monitoring? How To Monitor Trademark?

Trademark monitoring is an indispensable service that helps in preventing infringement cases. There are many companies and brands which step up with similar words, logos, and designs that are already in use. After you have successfully registered your trademark, you should constantly monitor the trademark application. Doing so will help in spotting and identifying brands that are infringing your brand. A trademark monitoring service ensures that the right to use the logo remains exclusive to the rightful owner.

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Why Trademark Monitoring Services are important?

Because there is cut-throat competition prevailing among brands, trademarks are used so that customers may not confuse them with another brand. Trademark monitoring service thus becomes important since a lot of companies are using similar words and logos. Other than helping you in spotting the potential infringers, a trademark watch service can help you with:

  • Respond Timely – Conducting a trademark watch allows you to take timely action against the potential infringers. You can also take action against those who have filed for similar trademark applications. This can eventually save you money, time, and losses in the future.
  • Know your competition – By availing of trademark monitoring services, you can get information about the competition in your industry. A trademark monitor service unveils information about the product your competition is working on. You can decipher the strategy of your competition by analyzing what they are trying to do to stay ahead in the market.
  • Infringement protection – Protection against infringement s one of the significant benefits of conducting trademark monitoring. Through trademark monitoring, it becomes feasible to keep an eye on the trademark applications. The rightful owner of a trademark gets an alert in case any trademark infringement case is spotted. This enables him/her to enforce his/her trademark rights against the infringers.

How To Monitor Trademark?

There are multiple ways to monitor your trademark. You can either choose to outsource this task to the trademark monitoring companies or monitor the trademark yourself. You should always maintain notes while monitoring your trademark. Consult with a trademark attorney in case you find anything concerning.

Let’s take a look at different ways that help in trademark monitoring.

  • Run a Google search –The first way to monitor a trademark is to run a Google search. The Google search engine will display results and you can carefully scour through these results to find out the possibility of similar trademarks being used. On the other hand, if your trademark features graphics, the best way to identify is through clicking on the “Image” section on the result page of the Google Search engine.
  • Check USPTO’s Official Gazette – Another way to monitor a trademark is by checking the USPTO’s trademark official Gazette. Each Tuesday, USPTO adds new trademarks in the official Gazette for people to review. In case, if anyone finds any trademark infringing upon the existing trademark, the rightful owner can consider filing a notice of opposition. In short, USPTO’s trademark official gazette includes the collection of trademarks that are yet to be published.

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Why You Should Hire Your Patent Team?

At Your Patent Team, we constantly monitor the use and publication of trademarks globally to identify trademark infringement. Our expertise in trademark monitoring enables us to recommend appropriate steps to our clients and enforce IP rights. Undoubtedly, Your Patent Team has carved out a niche for itself as one of the leading trademark monitoring firms thanks to its team of experts and years of experience.

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