What is Patentability Search & its Benefits

For an invention to receive patent grants, the invention should feature two important aspects – novelty and non-obviousness. Through Patentability Search, the applicant can find out the novel elements in his/her invention. In other words, patentability search determines whether your invention is patentable or not. This type of search takes into account all the existing similar technology and reveals information about how your invention is different from those. So, prior to filing the patent application, conducting a patent search is of utmost importance. It includes both the patent and non-patent literature search. Such type of search is also known as “Novelty Search”.

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How Does A Patentability Search Benefit You?

Conducting a patentability search might be time-consuming however it complements you with several benefits. There are many benefits of conducting a novelty search. The first one is that – this search will help you in discovering the prior-arts and you can figure out how different your invention is. The chances for securing a patent will decline if any resemblance to the prior-art is discovered. On the other hand, if the results are positive, it will speed your patent prosecution cycle, so, you will get timely patent grant. Take a look at the benefits of novelty search:

  • The first benefit is that Conducting a patent search helps in drafting high-quality patent application.
  • A Novelty Search determines the strength of your invention.
  • It becomes easy to understand your invention in a better way and other prior-arts through which you can identify the novel aspects of your invention, thereby, increasing the chances to secure patent for your invention.
  • Reduces the risk of infringement.

Is it Necessary To Conduct A Novelty Search?

A Prior-art search is optional. The applicants should perform a patentability search to smoothly process the patent application. The patent application goes through a lot of phase, however, the examination phase of patent application is the most important where an examiner examines your patent application. Your application will be rejected if prior-arts are found by examiner during the examination phase. For that reason, it becomes crucial to conduct a patentability search even if you know that the same product does not exist in the market. So, if you are going for acquiring patent rights, then you should conduct this search.

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Why You Should Hire YPT for Novelty Search?

Looking forward to conducting Novelty search? Hire YPT for the same. YPT or Your Patent Team has been in this niche for a long time. Since its inception, YPT has conducted patentability search for clients residing across the globe in multiple technical domain.

YPT offers comprehensive patent search services at an affordable price, with broadest patent search using databases. As a part of patent search service, YPT ensures to cover widest non-patent literature which can impact the patentability of the invention. Quick turnaround time with expert’s comments on prior-art helps you make an informed decision.

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