Patent Registration in India

Patent registration in India is a serious work that needs years of experience and sound technical knowledge of the subject matter. You need to file a patent application for the invention which is new and novel to complete the patent registration process.

The industrial applicability is another important feature and finally, the invention must be commercially beneficial.

Steps involved in patent registration in India:

It would be easier to explain the patent registration process in India in steps. Step by Step procedure for patent registration in India is:

1.        Check on Patentability for patent registration in India:

Check if the invention is patentable or not in terms of the Patent Act. You need to confirm whether the invention is new or not prior to filing the patent application with the patent office.

2.       Specification Drafting:

Write down your invention in maximum detail possible using drawings, diagrams, sketches to explain how the invention works and specify its claim. It is best to work with a patent agent with the expertise of working in patent applications in your area of technology.

3.       Filing of Patent:

You can file the patent application in India with the provisional specification or complete specification. However, in any case, one must file the complete application within 12 months of the priority date.

4.       Request for early publication:

The patent office automatically publishes the application in the official journal after 18 months from the date of filing or priority date. Also, the patent office discloses the invention when it publishes it in the official patent journal.

5.       Request for examination:

A request for examination is important where the examiner examines your patent application. You can file the request for examination within 48 months from the date of filing or priority date of the filing. One generally makes the request using a prescribed form along with the examination fee.

6.       Response to examination report:

After completion of the examination process, the patent office issues an examination report to the applicant. The report may contain objections that relate to the formalities of the application.

Thereafter the applicant needs to comply with the requirements within 6 months from the date of the report.

7.       Patent Grant for patent registration in India:

The application would get a patent grant once it is found to be meeting all patentability requirements. After that, the Indian patent office grants the patent and publishes it in the patent gazette.

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