Patent Filing in Singapore

Singapore is one of the leaders of innovation in Asia. Here is a quick guide about the filing procedures, routes and fees for Patent Filing in Singapore.

Patent Filing in Singapore
Patent Filing in Singapore

Patent Filing in Singapore – The Routes

Seeking a patent in Singapore? You may use the following options:

1.     Direct Filing with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)

2.     International Filing via Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

3.     International Filing via Paris Convention

  • This option is similar to PCT. Hence, the Paris Convention allows simultaneous multi-country filing.
  • Paris Convention has 177 Contracting States and is also administered by WIPO.
  • However, the granting of a patent in Singapore remains under the control of the IPOS.
  • The Paris convention offers a relatively faster route as compared to the PCT and it is more economical.

Filing Requirements (IPOS): Overview

The complete set of documents must include the following information:

  • A formal request to grant a patent
  • The applicant’s and inventor’s details.  These include name, nationality, address and country of incorporation (for a company), priority date and number (if any);
  • A description of the invention
  • Any drawing(s) referred to in the description or any claim(s);
  • Abstract.
  • Claims. But, you don’t need to furnish them at the time of filing a patent application to obtain a date of filing. However, you must furnish them within 12 months to complete the application.

Note: Foreigners must perform the patent prosecution in Singapore through an agent, a Singaporean-registered patent attorney.

Filing Options (IPOS)

The IPOS allows Patent Filing in Singapore through their online e-filing system.

Patent Fees: Overview

Type of Fees Standard
 Request for the Grant of a Patent S$160
Reference to Registrar on Determination of Entitlement to Patent Before or After Grant S$450
 Request for Early Publication S$50
 Payment of Fee for Grant of Patent S$200

To know more, visit Forms and Fees for Patent Filing in Singapore.

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