Patent Filing in Taiwan

Taiwan is emerging as an innovation hub in Asia. Below, you’ll find a quick guide about the filing procedures, routes and fees for Patent Filing in Taiwan.

Patent Filing in Taiwan
Patent Filing in Taiwan

Patent Filing in Taiwan: The Routes

For patent filing in Taiwan, you have 2 options:

1.     Direct Filing with the Taiwanese Intellectual Property Office (TIPO)

  • This route allows you to file a patent application with the Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) of Taiwan. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of China (ROC) administers this office.
  • Hence, the patent shall be valid in Taiwan only.

2.     Using the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

  • Taiwan is not a member country of international treaties like the PCT or the Paris Convention.
  • But, you can use the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH).
  • It provides an accelerated patent prosecution process for multi-country filings. It involves sharing of information between the participating patent offices.
  • If you file an application in a country, for e.g. USA, you can use the PPH for your application in Taiwan. USPTO will share its information about the application process with TIPO.
  • Thus, this will ease the examination workload for TIPO and improve the speed of the patent process.

Filing Requirements (TIPO): Overview

According to Article 25, Section 2, Chapter 2 of the Taiwan Patent Act, your application must be in Traditional Chinese. However, you can file a patent in another language and then submit a Chinese translation within 4 months. This deadline can be extended by 2 months.

The required set of documents for your patent application is:

  • A formal request for grant of Patent
  • Description
  • Claim(s)
  • Abstract
  • Drawings (wherever necessary)

Foreign applicants with no domicile or business establishment in ROC must appoint a Patent Agent for all patent procedures.

Filing Options (TIPO)

You can file your application using the e-filing system.

Patent Fees: Overview

Type of Fees Amount
Filing of an invention application NT$3500
Substantive examination of an invention application NT$7000
Additional Charge for Specification NT$800 per claim (in excess of 10 claims) NT$500 per 50 pages (in excess of 50 pages)

For more information, visit Schedule of Patents

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