Where can I find official information about patent fees in India?

In order to get official information on the patent fees in India, you simply need to visit the IP India Website. Basically, you will find the Indian Patent Office’s current fee schedule under Forms and feesNonetheless, below, you will find a table containing the most important fees that are a part of the patent process. Also, you will information about the condition of the fee. That is, if the fee is mandatory or optional.

S. No Description Natural Person Small Entity Other than Small Entity Condition
1. Patent grant application form 1600 4000 8000 Mandatory
2. Early publication fee 2500 6250 12500 Optional
3. Patent Application Examination Request 4000 10000 20000 Mandatory
4. Cost of extra sheets over 30 sheets 160/sheet 400/sheet 800/sheet Mandatory
5 Cost of extra claims over 10 claims 320/claim 800/claim 1600/claim Mandatory


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Also, do make sure that you check out this free e-book: A Quick Guide to Patents. Basically. it deals with basics of patent procedures.

A Quick Guide to Patents - Patent Fees in India

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