Where can I find information about patent agents in India?

You can find information about patent agents in India in the Electronic list of patent agents on the IP India website. The search page allows you to customize your search depending on your needs. You can search using the following parameters:

  1. Agent Number
  2. Agent Name
  3. State/city of the Agent

You can also see deleted agents as well. Also, you can simply see all the agents by clicking on “Show All Agents”.

Against each patent agent in India’s name, you will see an option for “show details”. By clicking here, you can see the complete details of the agent, such as residence, place of business, qualification, contact number, etc.

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Also, do make sure that you check out this free e-book: A Quick Guide to Patents. It deals with basics of patent procedures.

A Quick Guide to Patents - patent agents in india

A Quick Guide to Patents

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