What is a Provisional Patent Application? What are its benefits?

A provisional patent application is filed when the inventor is in the initial stage of invention. The inventor still needs to conduct experiment. That’s when an applicant can consider filing this application. The description of the invention can be provided on the paper. To put it simple, filing such application provides benefit of security before filing for complete patent application.

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What Are The Major Benefits of Provisional Patent Application?

Filing a provisional patent application offers multiple benefits to inventors and investors. There are a lot of factors that can have a huge impact on the patentability of the invention. Let’s have a look at its benefits:

  • Cost-Effective – The cost of filing a provisional patent application is low in comparison to the cost of filing a complete patent application. The applicant pays less amount of money. Along with that, the applicant gets additional time to work his/her way around the invention
  • Protection – When an invention is in the initial phase of development, filing a provisional patent application can provide an interim protection to the invention. The inventor has a time period of 12 months to improve his/her product and file for a complete patent application. With this, the inventor can evaluate his/her product on the commercialization front and make a decision whether he/she should proceed to file a complete patent application or not.
  • Patent Filing Date – When an applicant plans to obtain a complete patent, patent filing date plays a significant role. For instance, there are two patent applications that are similar- the application whose patent filing date is earlier gets the priority. When an applicant files a provisional patent application, the same date is considered when the applicant files a complete patent application.

This is just an optional step. If the inventor has fully prepared his/her invention, it is a good idea to apply for a complete patent.

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What You Should Include in the Provisional Patent Application?

There are certain things that an applicant should mention in such application. A provisional patent application should bear these details:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Background of the invention

Important Points To Remember

There are certain things which you should remember while drafting such application. Keeping these points in mind is surely going to benefit you.

  • The applicant must file the complete specifications within 12 months.
  • If the applicant fails to file the complete specifications within 12 months, the patent will be abandoned.
  • A Provisional patent application is just the initial step towards registration. The applicant can’t obtain patent on the basis of such application.

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