How soon is the request for examination takes place after filing an application in India?

You must submit this request for examination within 48 months of the date of priority or the date of filing of the application. If you do not file a request for examination within the prescribed time limit, the application may be withdrawn.

This is one of the most important part of the whole process of patent registration. After the application is published, it goes to the patent examiner for the examination of the application. The examiner compares the details of the invention to the prior art. The examiner asks to amend the application if any obligation is present in the application. The application moves ahead by issuing out a letter to the applicant citing the requirements. The application won’t move further if the applicant is unable to satisfy the required examiner’s objection. On the contrary, the patent application moves ahead if the applicant provides acceptable arguments and clears all the objections of the examiner. This is the last step before the grant of patent.

The Examiner can also ask for information concerning the first publication of the invention or the first patent for the invention.


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