How Google Patents Search can help?

Meaning of Google Patent Search

Patents Searching means searching for already existing granted patents or patent applications that may be similar to your invention. Google Patents Search is a search engine from google where you can search for patents. Google came up with the service of providing all the required data under one domain.

Why is patent searching important?

When any new invention is done, it is important to check the novelty of the invention. Google Patents Search provides the ease to conduct a prior-art search on an individual level. Prior-art search is essential before applying for a patent so that you may be sure that you are out of any legal issue for infringement

It also allows various features that make it quite handy to search patents. Some of them are:

  • Wider reach: It is easy to use Google patents for doing a wide search of patents in multiple countries and multiple languages. The patentee may want to have patents in more than one country and Google searches for patents in multiple countries with the help of a translation tool.
  • Cost-effective: Google patents provide free database services and the inventor himself can search through the it. It saves the cost of hiring an attorney for conducting a search.
  • Increase knowledge: When an inventor himself searches through the prior-arts he gets the knowledge about the patents that are close to his invention. It helps him to implement the knowledge in his further projects and also the existing invention.  
  • Easy to use interface: The interface of Google Patents is user friendly and it is comfortable to click through different links. You get collective information in one place which you can use as per your need.

So, various advantages of Google Patents Search makes it quite handy and easy for the inventor to make the best use of it.

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Why it is easy to use Google Patents Search?

Searching on Google patents is an easy way to conduct your patent search. Its simple features make it more convenient to use it. There are some reasons why it is easy to use Google Patents:

  • You can search patents on Google Patents as easily as you search anything on Google.
  • Search through application number or search using a specific keyword or its synonyms.
  • Click through the most relevant results and you get various similar results as well.
  • The weightage is given to the smallest details so you get the most relevant results in your search section.

Is there a need for professional?

While searching for patents it is quite easy to search on Google Patents but it may still arise the need for a pro. Manual searching tools may not replace professional assistance. There are complex inventions that are not easy to search or certain inventors may not want to consume time in searching for patents.

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