Patent Registration Fees in India

The patent registration fees in India basically depend on the type of patent application while filing the patent. Overall cost of obtaining a patent also includes the pay for the patent office and the patent service provider such as Your Patent Team.

The patent registration fees in India involved during the patent process generally consist of:

  • Government fee
  • Professional fee

Patent registration fees in India: Steps from filing to grant

The estimated cost of the entire process includes , process timelines and turnaround time.

Further, a professional fee range (for premier patent firms in India) as given in the table can vary significantly from one firm to another. One must also note that certain patent firms may charge more or less depending on the amount of work required, volumes, etc. Please also note that the pricing is indicative to help you make your decision of justifying the return on investment or you can budget for it accordingly. If you have a tight budget, just let us know and we will connect you with premier firms offering friendly patent prices.

Steps Government fee (Rs.) Professional fee (Rs.) Action Type Timelines Professional turnaround time
Performing a patentability search NA 15000-30000   Optional NA 5-10 days
Patent application drafting NA 25000-75000 Mandatory NA 7-10 days
Patent application filing 2000 – 8000 5000-12000 Mandatory Complete(12 months from provisional) 1-3 days
Request for early publication 2500-12500 5000-12000 Optional NA 1-3 days
Request for Examination 4000-20000 5000-12000 Mandatory 48 months from the priority date 1-3 days
Responding to examination report NA 20000-60000 Mandatory Around 1 to 2 years from RFE 7-15 days
Hearing NA 5000-20000 Optional 6-9 months from issue of FER 2-4 days
Grant & Renewal NA 1000-5000 NA 6-9 months from issue of FER NA

Note – Please note that the fee quoted here is for electronic filings. The patent office also accepts paper filings but there is an additional ten percent government fee for paper filings.

Also, below you can see an estimation of the total patent registration fees in India (with or without professional help) for an individual / start-up, small entity or a large entity.

Steps Government fee Professional fee
  Individual Start-up Small entity Large entity  
Drafting patent application 0 0 0 40000
Patent application filing 1600   4000 8000 8000
Filing request for examination 4000   10000 20000 8000
Responding to examination reports 0   0 0 30000
Grant 0 0 0 1000
Total (without professional help) 5600 14000 28000 87000
Total (with professional help) 92600 101000 115000  

If you have any queries regarding the patent registration fees in India, please contact us now.

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