Patent Prosecution Highway in India

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) speeds up the examination process for the applications those participating in intellectual property offices.

Under PPH, the applicant may request a fast track examination of claims in a patent application that is pending in the patent office. Also, PPH leverages fast-track examination procedures already in place among participating patent offices to allow applicants to reach final disposition of a patent application. So, the procedure gets more quickly and efficiently than standard examination processing.

Requesting accelerated examination under Patent Prosecution Highway:

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) is an effective way for accelerating patent prosecution procedures by the sharing of patent search and examination results. Under the PPH program, patent offices worldwide can benefit from the work previously executed at other Patent Office. Also, it helps with the aim of improving Search and examination quality and reducing the examination workload.

It is a way of simplifying patent prosecution and reducing the timeline for providing Patent rights and eliminating any waste of time. Also, it is an agreement between two Patent Offices which allows one Patent Office to reuse search and examination results by other patent offices. Hence, they benefit from this agreement by eliminating wastage of any additional time and effort and utilizing the time for a proper complete search.

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Trilateral PCT Patent Prosecution Highway:

The start of the Patent Prosecution Highway pilot program was on 29 January 2010 for a period of two years. This pilot program enables patent examination procedures for PCT applications that have received a positive written opinion of the International Searching Authority.

Also, this is a very efficient way of patent prosecution as it provides complete information and conducts the search and examination part efficiently. Further, it saves time in providing rights to the patentee by eliminating unnecessary time taken in Patent Prosecution Highwayprocess.

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Advantages of Patent Prosecution Highway:

The advantages of the patent prosecution highway can be an effective and faster examination of patent applications. Also, the prosecution cost decreases and further a higher acceptance rate for patent applications occurs. The search and examination in other patent offices certainly improve the quality of examination proceedings, especially when the prior art in different languages.

Also, there are differences in the prosecution of patent offices worldwide which will reflect in the search and examination in the other patent offices. So, the quality and standards might differ, but still any additional information will be useful for proper search and examination.

Further, the non-patentable inventions might not benefit from the PPH program as the quality of search and examination will rise. Also, applicants who want to delay the prosecution in order to establish well for commercial exploitation might not find the PPH program useful.

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