What is a supplementary international search report?

The supplementary international search report is more or less similar to the main international search report. It consists of a list of patent documents and technical literature. Basically, these might pose a challenge to the patentability of the invention claimed in the international application. However, this is an optional step, i.e. it is not mandatory.

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The International Search Authority (ISA) is responsible for providing this report. Generally, an applicant will go for this option only when their application has gone through an examination. According to the outcome of the examination, the applicant might feel the need to make some changes. Hence, upon making those changes, the applicant might want to make sure that the information in the application isn’t potentially violating any existing patents. This is where the supplementary international search report comes into play. Consequently, it will allow the applicant to know if the changes he/she made to the application are worth it or not.

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