What do you mean by patent registration process in India?

Patent Registration process in India is basically a process to file an application to register your invention under Patent Act. It provides you with the monopoly to use your invention for the public. A patent registration process in India helps you to get a patent of an intellectual property right to an invention carried out by an individual or firm.A patent registration helps you to get a patent of an intellectual property right to an invention carried out by an individual or firm.The four patent offices are located at Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai.

Once you have identified the patent office in which you have to file your patent application, it is now time to get an overview of the forms that have to be submitted.
To file a patent application, you will have to submit form 1, form 2, form 3 and form 5. Subsequent to filing these forms with the appropriate fees, you will receive a patent application number from the patent office. You can choose to file form 9 (optional) and form 18 along with fiing a complete application or after filing a complete application. You can download the Indian patent application filing forms.
In the table below, the list of forms that have to be submitted and their respective fees is provided. Please note that, the fee mentioned is for E-filing only. The patent office charges an additional fee of 10% over the fee for applications filed offline.






Patent office Fee (INR) 1$ = ~ 60 INR

E-Filing only




Applicant-Natural person/ Startup Applicant – 


other than natural person

Small Entity Others except small entity
1 Application for Grant of Patent 1600 4000 8000 Mandatory
2 Provisional/Complete Specification No fee* No fee* No fee* Mandatory
3 Statement and Undertaking Under Section 8 No fee No fee No fee Mandatory
5 Declaration as to Inventorship No fee No fee No fee Mandatory
9 Request for Publication 2500 6250 12500 Optional
18 Request for Examination of Application for Patent 4000 10000 20000 Mandatory

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