How can I file a patent in India?

You need to follow certain steps to file a patent in India. Firstly you need to check whether your invention is patentable or not. Then, you need to become a registered member of the Indian Patent Office. After that, you need to gather the information about your invention and draft an application before you submit your application to the Indian Patent Office. YPT will help you with the whole process to file a patent in India.

In order to file a valid patent application, first, it has to be ascertained whether the product is patentable or not. The essence of checking patentability is to ascertain whether the said product has the NIU factor. The NIU factor includes the following pointers:

  • Novelty: Novelty means that the product which is sought to be registered is novel or new. In the sense that something as such has never been seen or used before.
  • Inventiveness: Inventiveness refers to the application of some creativity which has been applied for the first time for solving a purpose.
  • Utility: Utility refers to the outcome and the use of the product so sought to be invented. What is the use of bringing this product to the market and what function it aims to simplify?


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