What is the patent filing fee in India?

Filing a patent application requires submission of forms to the patent office along with the patent filing fees in India. This is the first and foremost step towards securing an invention in India. If the inventor has a class 3 digit certificate he can submit the form online. In the case of online application, the patent office charges an additional 10% fee.

The patent filing fee in India varies depending upon the class in which the inventor falls. The patent filing fee in India is different for individuals, small entity groups and large entity groups. The fee can range from 10,000-50,000 Rs. in general.

Patent filing fees in India payable for a patent application are:

  1. Application for grant of Patent
  2. Provisional or Complete specification
  3. Statement and Undertaking
  4. Declaration as to Inventorship
  5. Request for publication
  6. Request for examination of application for Patent
  7. For extra sheet over 30 sheets
  8. For extra claim over 10 claims

The cost of filing a patent application in India, for an individual is Rs. 1750/- (paper filing) and request for examination is Rs. 4400/-(paper filing), whereas for online filing it is Rs. 1600/- and Rs. 4000/- respectively, but the applicant must have a digital signature to do that. For small entities, startups and other than natural persons (companies/institutions) the official fees will vary.


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