Can we patent a logo in India?

A logo is any design that a person or company uses to promote its business interests. Logos can be images, stylized words, or a combination of these elements. As there is no such term as “patent a logo”, hence, you must file the trademark application with the patent office. There is a common misconception among people that one can patent a logo in India with the patent office. While you can learn how to patent an idea, you cannot patent a logo in India because the term patent describes ownership that protects inventions.

Patent registration protects an invention, idea or process of the applicant. A logo does not fall under any of the categories for which one can file a patent. Hence no such term such as “patent a logo” exists in the intellectual property domain. So, the best way to protect your logo is by filing a trademark registration for it.

Trademark registration is the process that stops others from using your company’s logo for their benefit. The Indian Patent Office considers all new trademark and patent applications. Since you cannot patent a logo, trademark filing can protect your logo which can become your brand’s identity. This body also monitors existing trademarks and patents for infringements.



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