What are patents? What are their advantages in India?

Patents are a set of rights granted by the government to an inventor for a definite period of time. They are techno-legal documents containing the details of a novel, non-obvious and commercially feasible inventions or products. These exclusive legal rights prohibit third parties from making, using, and selling of products without the patentee’s consent. This also holds true for importing or exporting the patented product from a particular country. If a third party or entity wrongfully uses the rights, then the patentee can sue for patent infringement.

The advantages of patent are as below:

  • The inventor/ company which get the grant patent for a particular product enjoy a monopoly over that product. Thus, they can keep competitors at bay.
  • Researchers or inventors can license their patents to other entities which will eventually be monetarily beneficial for them.
  • An increase in chances of investment.
  • The status ‘patented’ helps in effective branding.

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Also, below is a free e-book on a Quick Guide to Patents.

A Quick Guide to Patents

A Quick Guide to Patents

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