What do you mean by patent translation in India?

Patent translation in India is the specialized task of converting patent-related documentation into another language.  This could be for a set of patent claims, a description, and drawings, prior art or legal documentation relating to a patent dispute.

Patent translation requires the substantial cost of a translator who has the specialized technical skill necessary to translate complex industry jargon and legal patent language. Most translators can handle about 2,000 words per day, or eight pages, meaning that the average 9,400-word patent application will take about a week to translate without accounting for quality assurance measures such as proofreading. Translation costs represent a major budget item for those who plan to apply for patent protection in more than one nation.

A strong patent translation in India can have a positive impact on the value of your international patents, while poor translation can lower their value. Because a good translation must marry complicated technical content with expertise about both the science and language issues at hand, hiring the wrong professional can have grave consequences in the form of major errors in content. These consequences include:

  • Production delays
  • Increased costs for correcting erroneous translations
  • Damaged ability to enforce international patents

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