How long does it take to complete a PCT process in India?

Generally, for a PCT process in India, an applicant has a time span of 18 months from the time he/she files an international patent application. However, usually this time is 30 months from the filing date of the initial patent application. After this period, he/she proceeds with the national phase procedures and formalities. This additional buffer time enables an inventor/ applicant to judge the potential and commercial viability of the invention in the desired countries. The overall time for a PCT process in India varies depending upon the national or regional patent offices. This is because each and every regional or national office examines a patent application according to the corresponding regional patent laws.

Hence, it is advisable to the applicant to file his/her application in a timely manner. Also, he/she must ensure that they fulfil all formalities so that the process is seamless.

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A Quick Guide to Patents - PCT Process in India

A Quick Guide to Patents

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